2019-11-09 (+0000)
00:32:34qser3699Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some refactoring of qse_log_t related functions
2019-11-08 (+0000)
08:33:38qser3698Committed by hyunghwan.chung
coding for logging support in QSE::App
07:28:09moor1161Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed an unexpected compiler bug caused by wrong ifdef while processing a lable at the end of a braced block
04:11:57moor1160Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some win32 tweaks
2019-11-07 (+0000)
15:47:17qser3697Committed by hyunghwan.chung
somg logging support code into QSE::App
08:38:01qser3696Committed by hyunghwan.chung
minor changes to QSE::App
04:14:55moor1159Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed POP_INTO_BYTEARRAY handling
2019-11-06 (+0000)
06:13:00moor1158Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some cosmetic changes in kernel/System.moo
2019-11-05 (+0000)
14:46:55moor1157Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added Process>>isInnate and Process>>isNormal.
redefined System>>findPreviousProcess: and System>>findNextProcess to not skip an innate process.
added System>>findFirstProcess and System>>findLastProcess
09:29:33moor1156Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some code touch on process management
2019-11-04 (+0000)
14:53:33moor1155Committed by hyunghwan.chung
increased the object's proc bits to 2 - MOO_OBJ_FLAGS_PROC_BITS.
added BlockContext>>newSystemProcess for internal use
08:44:23moor1154Committed by hyunghwan.chung
redefined gcfin_proc and ossig_proc as class instance variables of System
2019-11-03 (+0000)
16:02:22moor1153Committed by hyunghwan.chung
experiment with emscripten and wasm
09:15:24moor1152Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added moo_count_bcstrl() and moo_count_ucstrl() that limits the maximum length.
added some experimental emscripten/wasm related code
2019-11-02 (+0000)
06:34:18moor1151Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some wasm experiments
05:23:14qser3695Committed by hyunghwan.chung
amemded cmd/http/httpd-mime.conf
01:51:45moor1150Committed by hyunghwan.chung
simplified io-file.c with a macro
2019-11-01 (+0000)
09:15:53moor1149Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added moo_inttooow_noseterr(), moo_intttoooi_noseterr(), moo_inttouintmax_noseterr(), moo_inttointmax_toseterr()
05:13:45scratch-padr29Committed by hyunghwan.chung
amended hiring-002.md
2019-10-31 (+0000)
09:09:11moor1148Committed by hyunghwan.chung
more functions to io-file.c
2019-10-30 (+0000)
14:34:43moor1147Committed by hyunghwan.chung
minor changes in MOO_STATIC_ASSERT() definition.
defined O_CLOEXEC to 0 when it's not defined
13:36:04moor1146Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some tweaking about LFS support
08:37:52moor1145Committed by hyunghwan.chung
change a wrong return type of moo_mod_querypv_t
08:30:22moor1144Committed by hyunghwan.chung
merged System>>_enableProcessSwitching and System>>_disbaleProcessSwitching to System>>_toggleProcessSwitching:
07:31:10scratch-padr28Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed jquery loading scheme dynamically
07:07:51scratch-padr27Committed by hyunghwan.chung
adding the second hiring file
2019-10-29 (+0000)
14:21:15moor1143Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced the compiler to handle a string as a series of bytes in a byte array literal.
added FileAccessor>>seek:whence:
2019-10-28 (+0000)
12:55:32moor1142Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed the variadic field from the moo_pfinfo_t structure.
defined variadic Integer>>bitAnd, Integer>>bitOr, Integer>>bitXor methods
2019-10-26 (+0000)
14:34:19moor1141Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed MOO_BQ(). 
changed the primitive value load method
02:04:36moor1140Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced the array literal reader to allow a comma if used after the first element
2019-10-25 (+0000)
14:59:14moor1139Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed primitive value load from load
08:44:05moor1138Committed by hyunghwan.chung
extended module query facility to find primitive value(querypv) as well as primitive function(querypf)
03:22:40moor1137Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed to use moo_bch_t* in moo_pfinfo_t from moo_ooch_t[]
2019-10-24 (+0000)
15:17:46moor1136Committed by hyunghwan.chung
set processor's primitive error information before handling #lenient
09:37:47moor1135Committed by hyunghwan.chung
working on IO classes and modules
2019-10-23 (+0000)
16:40:02moor1134Committed by hyunghwan.chung
adding mod/io.c
09:39:21moor1133Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed unneede text from kernel/Stream.moo
2019-10-22 (+0000)
14:25:53moor1132Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed --memsize to --heapsize in bin/main.c
2019-10-21 (+0000)
14:42:01moor1131Committed by hyunghwan.chung
made True and False #final #limited
2019-10-18 (+0000)
06:42:16moor1130Committed by hyunghwan.chung
minimized frequent calls to moo_seterrbfmt() by call moo_lookupdic_noseterr() instead of moo_lookupdic().
added moo_findmethod_noseterr().
renamed method_exists() to method_exists_noseterr()
2019-10-17 (+0000)
15:43:00moor1129Committed by hyunghwan.chung
implemented a fork-based ticker in case setitimer() isn't available
2019-10-16 (+0000)
09:50:12moor1128Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed MOO_STACK_PUSH to check process stack overflow
09:04:09moor1127Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added --procstksize to bin/main.c
2019-10-15 (+0000)
15:45:02moor1126Committed by hyunghwan.chung
code clean-up
2019-10-13 (+0000)
13:20:49moor1125Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed children/parent check in X11.moo
2019-10-12 (+0000)
14:55:37moor1124Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed to fallback to ITIMER_REAL if ITIMER_VIRTUAL fails. fix for WSL
04:21:23moor1123Committed by hyunghwan.chung
implemented interface method duplication check in the compiler
2019-10-11 (+0000)
16:42:43moor1122Committed by hyunghwan.chung
compiler enhancement to take interface method to class
03:30:00moor1121Committed by hyunghwan.chung
emulated non-blocking pipe read with PeekNamedPipe() in win32
2019-10-10 (+0000)
15:09:45moor1120Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed the return type of close_pipes from int to void in std.c
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