2020-05-06 (+0000)
09:55:35mior179Committed by hyunghwan.chung
reverted wrong changes in htre.c
09:28:37mior178Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added mio_sys_getrealtime()
writing http server
2020-05-05 (+0000)
15:12:09mior177Committed by hyunghwan.chung
writing the http server service
2020-05-04 (+0000)
17:51:48mior176Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed _HEADERS to _HEADER
08:40:05mior175Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added path canonicalization functions
07:21:13hawkr238Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed hawk_arr_getstyle()
07:14:33hawkr237Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added special parser-level substitution word - @SCRIPTNAME, @SCRIPTLINE
2020-05-03 (+0000)
16:02:56mior174Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed the link fields of mio_q_t, mio_wq_t, mio_cwq_t
15:49:32hawkr236Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed hawk::array_size(), hawk::array_tally().
enhanced hawk::array() and hawk::map() to accept values
06:17:44hawkr235Committed by hyunghwan.chung
simplified the way to get the first integer index in idxnde_to_str()
06:05:06hawkr234Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed another bug in 'in' evaluation
05:45:31hawkr233Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced the 'in' operator evaluation to support an array
2020-05-02 (+0000)
18:34:18hawkr232Committed by hyunghwan.chung
trivial change for code consistency
18:18:26hawkr231Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced asort() and asorti() to handle an array value.
added hawk_rtx_getarrvalfld() and hawk_rtx_setarrvalfld()
2020-05-01 (+0000)
18:56:33mior173Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed a bug in killing a slave in the pro device
18:01:30mior172Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added some http processing code
14:00:27mior171Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added much more support code
08:10:52hawkr230Committed by hyunghwan.chung
made a minor change in tools/uni-case.c
2020-04-30 (+0000)
16:20:32mior170Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added ecs and htb
15:56:15hawkr229Committed by hyunghwan.chung
defined  hawk_ooecs_amend to hawk_becs_amend in the bch mode
14:48:40mior169Committed by hyunghwan.chung
made list management more consistent
02:28:09mior168Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed mio-sys.h to sys-prv.h
02:19:50mior167Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed unneeded text from configure.ac
2020-04-29 (+0000)
13:03:02hawkr228Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed length() over an array to return the number of items set.
added hawk::array_size() to return the last index + 1.
added hawk::array_tally() which works for an array only and acts like length()
02:57:28mior166Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added mio_ipad_bytes_to_bcstr() and mio_ipad_bytes_to_ucstr()
2020-04-28 (+0000)
11:33:55mior165Committed by hyunghwan.chung
minor comment changes
11:27:24mior164Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed a parsing bug of a compressed domain name placed at the end of the packet
10:27:41mior163Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed wrong conditions in lib/dns.c
02:44:13mior162Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added mio_skad_init_for_ip_with_bytes()
2020-04-27 (+0000)
15:18:23mior161Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added hash macros
14:09:47mior160Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced with trivial code changes
04:15:11mior159Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added the default mmgr
04:11:49mior158Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added mio_dev_getmio()
2020-04-26 (+0000)
15:28:44hawkr227Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced array manipulation code
2020-04-25 (+0000)
18:35:05hawkr226Committed by hyunghwan.chung
code for array support in assignment, evaluation, getting reference, deletion
2020-04-24 (+0000)
17:39:00hawkr225Committed by hyunghwan.chung
minor error message changes
17:27:56hawkr224Committed by hyunghwan.chung
more code for array support
16:01:23hawkr223Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed an array access problem by an out-of-range index in eval_indexed()
15:52:09hawkr222Committed by hyunghwan.chung
Added partial code for array support
06:49:20hawkr221Committed by hyunghwan.chung
updated hawk_arr_t callback functions to be more consistent with hawk_rbt_t/hawk_htb_t by creating hawk_arr_style_t and adding hawk_arr_setstyle()/hawk_arr_getstyle().
remove hawk_arr_getcopier()/hawk_arr_setcopier()/hawk_arr_getcomper()/hawk_arr_setcomper()
2020-04-23 (+0000)
08:07:47hawkr220Committed by hyunghwan.chung
Added sys::tcflush() and defined sys::TC_CFLAG_XXX items
07:25:33hawkr219Committed by hyunghwan.chung
dropping the idea of hawk::reset() and changing it to hawk::array() and hawk::map()
07:24:22mior157Committed by hyunghwan.chung
minor #include fix in lib/mio-skad.h
2020-04-22 (+0000)
11:41:37hawkr218Committed by hyunghwan.chung
made IUTF8 conditional depending on its availability
06:48:01hawkr217Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed hawk_rtx_makemapvalwithdata() to accept data count.
enhanced sys::tcgetattr() and sys::tcsetattr() to store and fetch the value for c_cc field to and from the "cc" slot
2020-04-20 (+0000)
15:35:01hawkr216Committed by hyunghwan.chung
did some preparatory work to support an array that uses an integer as the index
04:39:23hawkr215Committed by hyunghwan.chung
made OXTABS and ONOEOT compilable when not available
04:29:01hawkr214Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed a bug in sys::tcsetattr()
2020-04-19 (+0000)
16:33:38hawkr213Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added partial implementation of sys::tcsetattr(), sys::tcgetattr(), sys::tcsetsane()
2020-04-17 (+0000)
17:50:15hawkr212Committed by hyunghwan.chung
Added static assertion to check wchar_t type for C++
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