2020-01-22 (+0000)
10:14:18hawkr95Committed by hyunghwan.chung
modified pkgs/hawk.spec.in
09:46:18hawkr94Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced build files for rpm packaging
2020-01-19 (+0000)
14:31:28hawkr93Committed by hyunghwan.chung
got mysql::execute() and mysql::fetch() working
11:17:14hawkr92Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added mysql::insert_id(), mysql::stmt_insert_id(), mysql::stmt_fetch().
mysql::stmt_fetch() yet to be finished
10:03:26qser3722Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed a blank line in qse_awk_rtx_isnilval()
10:02:35qser3721Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed the buggy qse_awk_rtx_isnilval()
04:43:57hawkr91Committed by hyunghwan.chung
wrote more code for mysql::stmt_execute(). 
changed error handling in mod-mysql.c
2020-01-18 (+0000)
10:43:42hawkr90Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some more experimental code into mod-mysql.c for parameter binding
05:36:37hawkr89Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some experimental into mod-mysql.c
2020-01-17 (+0000)
06:25:51hawkr88Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed Hawk and HawkStd for byte reading
03:41:10hawkr87Committed by hyunghwan.chung
made getbline implementation more sensible but still not good enough
2020-01-16 (+0000)
15:22:19hawkr86Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed hawk_rtx_matchrex() and redefined it as a macro
14:53:45hawkr85Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some code touch-up in run_print and run_printf
10:43:55hawkr84Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some support code for getbline. yet to be completed
09:22:59hawkr83Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed BRS.
attempting to support getbline
2020-01-15 (+0000)
06:00:52hawkr82Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed lib/Makefile.am
05:25:43hawkr81Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added Hawk::setCmgr()
04:59:37hawkr80Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed hawk_dflerrstr() to hawk_dfl_errstr().
removed the hawk_t* argument from hawk_dfl_errstr().
added the _cmd field to Hawk
2020-01-14 (+0000)
14:55:34hawkr79Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added a new global variable BRS for byte reading.
wrote some more functions to support byte reading
09:10:47hawkr78Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added Hawk::exec()
2020-01-11 (+0000)
16:01:52hawkr77Committed by hyunghwan.chung
check for multiple @pragma startup directives at the top-level source
05:24:07hawkr76Committed by hyunghwan.chung
implemented @pragma startup ...
2020-01-10 (+0000)
15:54:23hawkr75Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added sys::symlink()
15:30:57hawkr74Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added sys::rmdir()
08:28:52hawkr73Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some code touch up in mod-sys.c
08:18:55hawkr72Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added sys::setenv(), sys::unsetenv()
05:02:40hawkr71Committed by hyunghwan.chung
touched up sys::getenv()
04:44:44hawkr70Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced error handling in fnc_unlink
04:33:40hawkr69Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed segfault in fnc_system
04:29:27hawkr68Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added sys::chroot()
2020-01-09 (+0000)
14:24:26hawkr67Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added sys::fchown()
09:28:33hawkr66Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some silly code changes
07:24:35hawkr65Committed by hyunghwan.chung
improved Hawk::Value::setIndexedStr() functions
04:34:21hawkr64Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed build files to move c++ objects to libhawk from libhawkxx
02:58:29hawkr63Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed configure.ac to accept yes:4w, yes:2w, no:4w, no:2w with enable-unicode
02:50:46hawkr62Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed wrong initialization in utl-skad.c
2020-01-08 (+0000)
15:37:42hawkr61Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added Hawk::getErrorMessageU(), Hawk::getErrorMessageB(), Hawk::getErrorLocationFileU(), Hawk::getErrorLocationFileB()
07:23:03hawkr60Committed by hyunghwan.chung
redefined hawk_uch_t
03:21:49hawkr59Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed more redefinitions of primitive types in Hawk and HawkStd
03:14:41hawkr58Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed to set path on the sio argument in HawkStd
removed some redefinition of primitive types in Hawk
2020-01-07 (+0000)
16:34:26hawkr57Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed Hawk & HawkStd more
09:02:56hawkr56Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added a new directory - samples
more code in Hawk and HawkStd
2020-01-06 (+0000)
16:18:34hawkr55Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added some c++ code
08:53:31hawkr54Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed the bug of having omitted setting an error message when given wrong handle.
more fixes in HawkStd
07:21:17qser3720Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added sys::resetdir() to awk
fixed bugs in qse_dir_reset()
2020-01-05 (+0000)
15:12:24hawkr53Committed by hyunghwan.chung
working on Hawk and HawkStd
04:32:14hawkr52Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed StdHawk to HawkStd.
added quite some c++ code to get Hawk free of compilation errors
2020-01-04 (+0000)
16:19:39hawkr51Committed by hyunghwan.chung
updating Hawk and StdHawk classes for hawk
15:55:18hawkr50Committed by hyunghwan.chung
implementing prepared statement support in mod-mysql.c
15:50:22qser3719Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed a bug in mod-mysql.c
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