2019-07-18 (+0000)
15:51:55moor1008Committed by hyunghwan.chung
more goto-label handling code
2019-07-17 (+0000)
17:05:54moor1007Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed an unused variable
17:04:27moor1006Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed a lexer bug than returned FPDECLIT where INTLIT was desired.

added more code to process jump labels
09:52:26moor1005Committed by hyunghwan.chung
started working on parsing labels
2019-07-15 (+0000)
15:25:00moor1004Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some wasm code
09:36:03moor1003Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added the wasm directory for experiments
2019-07-14 (+0000)
16:46:08moor1002Committed by hyunghwan.chung
updated README.md with some TODOs
16:34:17moor1001Committed by hyunghwan.chung
2019-07-13 (+0000)
03:06:08moor1000Committed by hyunghwan.chung
updated README.md a bit
2019-07-12 (+0000)
08:05:44moor999Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed code_start_loc from moo_method_data_t and added start_loc
07:24:38moor998Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added System>>backtrace
05:06:06moor997Committed by hyunghwan.chung
simplified source line and source text representation of a methond in dbgi
03:38:45moor996Committed by hyunghwan.chung
simplified source line and source text representation of a methond in dbgi
2019-07-11 (+0000)
15:58:16moor995Committed by hyunghwan.chung
touched up pf_method_get_source_file() and pf_method_get_ip_source_line()
06:43:47moor994Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added pf_method_get_ip_source_line() and defined CompiledMethod::ipSourceLine
2019-07-10 (+0000)
15:30:08moor993Committed by hyunghwan.chung
renamed clear_io_names() to moo_clearcionames().
attempting to write a fucntion that gives a source line for an instruction pointer
09:19:39moor992Committed by hyunghwan.chung
reorganized moo_duputobcstr(), moo_dupbtoucstr(), moo_dupbtouchars(), moo_duputobchars().
renamed add_io_name() to moo_addcioname().
changed input_handler in std.c to set arg->name when opening a file with moo_addcioname().
shortened dbginfo to dbgi.
enhanced the compiler to record the class location in dbgi
2019-07-09 (+0000)
15:56:34moor991Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added CompiledMethod>>sourceFile, CompiledMethod>>sourceLine.
added pf_method_get_source_file().
enhanced moo_addmethodtodbginfo().
enhanced the compiler to call moo_addfiletodbginfo(), moo_addmethodtodbginfo()
09:59:38moor990Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed dbginfo functions and structures a bit
2019-07-08 (+0000)
15:41:58moor989Committed by hyunghwan.chung
some more code to handle dbginfo
07:51:53moor988Committed by hyunghwan.chung
writing some debug information tracking functions
2019-07-07 (+0000)
15:24:27moor987Committed by hyunghwan.chung
attempting to store the source location information collected while compiling into the moo_dbginfo_t data structure
2019-07-06 (+0000)
09:44:29moor986Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed the compiler to set source_file and source_line into moo_method_t
09:11:25moor985Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added the code_start_loc field to moo_method_data_t and updated emit_byte_instruction()
 to get distance of the instruction being emitted
07:46:09moor984Committed by hyunghwan.chung
checking argument in pf_context_find_exception_handler()
2019-07-05 (+0000)
08:12:42moor983Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added moo_ischildclassof(). 
filled pf_context_find_exception_handler() to speed up exception handling a bit
2019-07-04 (+0000)
10:04:59moor982Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed comp.c to pass source location to emit_XXX_instruction() functions
2019-07-03 (+0000)
15:06:54moor981Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed to pass source location to more calls to emit_xxx_instruction() functions
08:48:02moor980Committed by hyunghwan.chung
made partial changes to pass source location to emit_XXX_instruction() functions
2019-07-02 (+0000)
09:48:57moor979Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed the moo_code_t structure a little
2019-07-01 (+0000)
15:02:43qser3652Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added check for tm->__tm_gmtoff and tm->__tm_zone.
changed sys::strftime() to set tm_zone to GMT if sys::STRFTIME_UTC is set
14:30:48qser3651Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced sys::strftime() to access flags - sys::STRFTIME_UTC is the only flag defined at this moment
2019-06-30 (+0000)
14:38:24qser3650Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed wrong dependencies again in lib/si/Makefile.am
11:50:36qser3649Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed wrong dependencies again in lib/awk/Makefile.am
11:29:46qser3648Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed wrong dependencies in lib/awk/Makefile.am
11:28:33qser3647Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed more dependencies in lib/awk/Makefile.am
09:26:33qser3646Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed wrong declarations of qse_awk_rtx_valtowcsdupwithcmgr() and qse_awk_rtx_valtombsdupwithcmgr() which caused segfault when the returned pointer is greater than UINT_MAX
05:00:30qser3645Committed by hyunghwan.chung
fixed dependencies in build files
04:26:44qser3644Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced qse_awk_rtx_callfun() to allow a function with pass-by-reference parameters
2019-06-29 (+0000)
10:46:29moor978Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added two more fields into CompiledMethod. no implementation change has been made yet
2019-06-28 (+0000)
06:13:09moor977Committed by hyunghwan.chung
defined select:,reject:,collect: in Array
2019-06-27 (+0000)
14:16:43moor976Committed by hyunghwan.chung
enhanced the compiler to process byte array in string notation - B"..."
08:06:33moor975Committed by hyunghwan.chung
removed the S'' literals from the moo codes
07:43:17moor974Committed by hyunghwan.chung
changed %(, %[, %{ to ##(, ##[, ##{ respectively
put back % into is_binselchar().
attempting to support a string-like byte array literal - B"XXXX"
06:29:09moor973Committed by hyunghwan.chung
no more ## comment. // as a signle-line comment starter.
2019-06-25 (+0000)
02:43:45qser3643Committed by hyunghwan.chung
revised the comment on QSE_XTN()
02:36:32qser3642Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added _instsize to qse_httpd_t, qse_httpd_server_t, qse_httpd_client_t, etc
01:21:01qser3641Committed by hyunghwan.chung
added _instsize into qse_sed_t and removed qse_sed_getxtnstd()
2019-06-24 (+0000)
14:24:15qser3640Committed by hyunghwan.chung
_instsize into qse_xli_t and qse_json_t
11:38:58hclr407Committed by hyunghwan.chung
not useful macro trimming
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