Web-based subversion manager
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17EnhancementNewOtherhyunghwan.chungSupport file attachment to an issue comment
16DefectNewOtherhyunghwan.chungSupport git
15New FeatureIn progressOtherhyunghwan.chungSupport markdown
14RequestNewOtherhyunghwan.chungShow symbolic link indicator in the folder/file view
13RequestNewOtherhyunghwan.chungSupport event notification to clients by the server
12RequestNewOtherhyunghwan.chungMake the project creation and editing page a dialog
11New FeatureIn progressOtherhyunghwan.chungCreate a new call to return a subversion revision number given the value of the codepot tag.
10RequestResolvedOtherhyunghwan.chungChange the code search view to show line numbers in a similar way to the diff view.
9RequestResolvedOtherhyunghwan.chungAdd comment editing/viewing in the code revision view
8EnhancementResolvedOtherhyunghwan.chungAdd an edit button to each issue change item.
7RequestResolvedOtherhyunghwan.chungAdd a preview button to the issue change dialog.
6RequestResolvedOtherhyunghwan.chungAdd preview to wiki edit page
5RequestResolvedOtherhyunghwan.chungSupport attachment in the issue page.
4RequestResolvedMediumhyunghwan.chungAdd a search box in the code view
3OtherResolvedOtherhyunghwan.chungWrite code to support ldap_auth_mode 2 in the
2OtherNewOtherhyunghwan.chungRemove API
1RequestResolvedOtherhyunghwanFile attachment for wiki